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Its high time for social media companies to have regulations. But is this concept getting support the way it needs?

Its high time for social media companies to have regulations. But is this concept getting support the way it needs?

Technology has been progressing and will continue to move – in the right direction with lesser negative influence or in the wrong direction with exponential negative implications. More so when it is an improper influence. The adaptability by society is higher in such a scenario. Social media like Facebook(FB), WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and many more similar platforms have replaced their identity as tools and have gained life’s identity.

You explore the world with print and e- media. Information is useful. But loads of them, right and wrong without any checks and balances, to please or benefit an individual or a group to satisfy their selfish needs. Opinions are standardized and made acceptable with likes and views promotion.

The cultural essence of every community and country is being lost with light speed. Our ability to think independently is dying due to influencers fabricating false information and impacting our thought process.
The concept of being better visible is replaced with an obsession to be visible. The definition of a human’s identity is not what he is in the real world, but what status he is carrying in the virtual world.
The negative social traits of gaining unwanted attention, jealousy, showing off, revealing self, false praises have gained popularity under the mask of sharing happiness with your circle more off an unknown circle.

Billions of people cannot influence or pressurize a handful of companies and few investors to have a valid regulation system. Is money power more, or is it so that these billions of people have turned out to be these social media companies’ army, propagating these companies’ greed and strategy to few more billions.

Well. I believe this is what has been happening for ages. Monarchs, Dictators, and Politicians have always influenced the larger mass. History has time and again witnessed that by the time the realization and judgment of right and wrong were arrived at, billions of lives would have already been sacrificed to the power of manipulation of minds. These companies have continued the legacy by having people power on their side, fueling themselves with the so-called users. These users’ integrity towards their offering to manipulation and ignorance towards their own downfall is commendable. The optimal use is replaced by overuse and abuse in the name of the trend.

Does our society carry the courage to outlaw these companies, imposing them with rules and regulations?

Where are we heading our following generations? We can fight possibly anything when our children’s future is at stake. Why aren’t we joining hands to corner these companies to draw limitations?
Is it because we also are a scapegoat to these companies’ strategies.
We here stand alongside our children waiting to be destroyed together by these forces that aren’t visible from outside but are eating us up from within.

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The technology is so fluid that it takes the shape of the container.. the minds of the generartion that holds and applies it. While peoplw of previous geneation want technology to be regulated, millenials want technology to help them break the barriers . So the regulation required is a self regulation by the user, than some external body imposing it.

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