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We care for our Employees!!!!

The pandemic has created a sense of threat wherever you are. At Home, Office for anywhere we go. In an environment so threatening, we at VEN India consider our Employees’ Safety above everything else. After our last initiative of vaccinating our employees and their families, we have progressed towards the next step of ‘Employees Safety First’. We at VEN India, believe that a safe work environment is what motivates any employee to perform in a carefree environment. Our Company has a 360 degree approach when it comes to employees’ safety. .

We at our company have installed a safety device called Eureka Forbes SHYCOCAN which deactivates 99.994 % CORONA family of viruses including the viruses associated with COVID-19.
DISABLE, ATTENUATE, NEUTRALIZE is the Statement best given to this machine .

‘Shycocan’ can allegedly produce a large number of charged particles through the photoelectric effect – i.e. when photons of light strike certain metals, they knock out some electrons. An everyday application of this phenomenon is to produce electricity from solar energy. But in the case of ‘Shycocan’, this well-known principle is supposed to create trillions of electrons that will float around a room and specifically target and inactivate the novel coronavirus’s spike protein.

I express my gratitude towards our Management in always caring for the employees as family members.
Indeed proud to be a part of this splendid VEN family !